Safety & Environment

Procare Touchscreen with Biometric ID pad

Procare Touchscreen with Biometric ID pad

Safety is a Priority

One of the first things families notice is our commitment to safety.  A biometric fingerprint scan is required to enter our locked childcare center.  All visitors are required to show photo ID and are required to check in at the reception desk.  Teachers and staff can instantly access the names of individuals who have been approved by you for pick up.

All perspective employees for both Our World for Children and St. Mark Lutheran Church must submit to background checks before being hired.


Emergency Preparedness

Emergency procedures for medical, tornado, fire, and crisis management are in place.  OWC staff are trained on how to handle these situations if they should arise and practice drills according to licensing regulations.  All administration and lead teachers are trained and certified in infant, child, and adult First Aid and CPR through the Red Cross.  There is also an AED device in the building if the need arises with the necessary components to safely use on infants and young children.

Meadow Classroom (young toddlers)

Meadow Classroom (young toddlers)


OWC has 12 classrooms, with age appropriate toys, books, and equipment.  Each classroom is equipped with their own bathroom, including height appropriate sink and toilets.  There are one way viewing windows and closed circuit TV cameras in each classroom for parents to check on their children playing and learning as well.

Learning materials and classroom materials are age-appropriate and safe

We have separate age-appropriate playgrounds for the toddlers and preschoolers with slides, sandboxes and lots of toys for kids to play with, as well as a soft-floor gym for children to run and use their large muscles.